in other news

While I’ve been off blatantly neglecting this blog (this is why I don’t buy plants), I do have a vaguely good reason – after my shortlisting for the Text Prize, I now have a literary agent, and to inflate my ego further there was even a press release about it here! (It’s behind a paywall, … Continue reading

melissa ginsburg, sunset city (& non-professional protagonists)

Recently I read and loved Sunset City, the grim, Houston-set tale of twenty-two-year-old Charlotte, whose best friend was brutally murdered in a hotel. While the two were intense childhood friends, she hasn’t seen Danielle in a while, after their lives skewed apart due to adulthood and drugs and the wrong type of friends. But recently … Continue reading

on girls in titles

Well, you’ve heard my feelings before about the ridiculous amount of books with Girl in the title that are about grown women. One of my many friends who have suffered though my in-person rants sent me a link to this LitHub article by young adult author Robin Wasserman on the topic, which you can read … Continue reading