author post: the jack emery (near) darwin awards

I’ve had a lot of fun barrelling through Steve Vincent’s Jack Emery books in the past, and you know my penchant for an author post – it’s essentially like reading and supplying Special Features, which I’ll always head to immediately when I’m watching a movie (yes, Netflix is making this redundant, but I’m always a slow adopter of tech. I’m getting my carrier pigeon to post this blog for me now.) And here, Steve has supplied us with…(drum roll)…



The Jack Emery (Near) Darwin Awards


Ah, the Darwin Awards, the annual event where people who die doing really stupid things are recognised and celebrated. Though unfortunate to be, well… dead, these fine individuals are the recipients of a certain honour – being infamous for the amazing way you left the planet.

I actually think next year’s awards should have a new category: the (near) Darwin Awards. These would be handed out to individuals who went really damn close to wiping themselves out in some wacky or wonderful way, but happened to survive.

If such an award existed and applied to fictional characters, then Jack Emery would come close to winning a (near) Darwin. Through the three novels he’s starred in – The Foundation, State of Emergency and Nations Divided (released 10 December) – he’s come close to death a few times.

If the dictionary definition of stupid is lacking intelligence or common sense, then it goes to reason that a character continuously getting in over his head and cheating death covers one or two of those bases. Jack isn’t stupid, but he probably does lack some common sense.

So here’s a countdown of the five best chances for Jack to walk away with a trophy.


Getting blown out of the sky in a a helicopter!

Jack was driven back into his seat as the pilot banked and climbed again. He smelled smoke. He turned his head to find the Seahawk was aflame, a massive hole in the rear of the aircraft.


Being last man standing in a to the death firefight… more than once!

Jack screamed as the world exploded in front of him. There was no way his voice could be heard over the roar of gunfire, the screams of combat troops and the cries of wounded men.


Having a knife held to his throat by a murderous, driven type!

When he saw her he tried to get to his feet. She pressed the knife hard enough to stall him. She heard him take a sharp breath, and then he slowly sat back down again.


Running towards danger, be it a sniper, a gunman or a tank!

They hadn’t made it to the far end when the deafening roar from the Abrams’ cannon sounded. The building shook with the impact and he heard the front of the building start to collapse.


Running away from his captors and into the desert, while being fired upon!

His heart sank. His run slowed to a jog, despite his pursuers. With helicopters in the air there was no point running.


I definitely feel there’s enough nominations for Jack to have a chance. The good news for him, as well, is that none of these nominations come from his third adventure – Nations Divided – which is out on 10 December. There’s certainly enough moments in that novel for a few more chances, too.


Steve P. Vincent is the author of the Jack Emery series of political thrillers – The Foundation, State of Emergency and Nations Divided. Connect with him on the web, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.