writing crime with ellie marney at mwf

(Shameless self-promotion ahead)

Hey you! You there, with a teenager as an accessory! Perhaps you would like to come to the MWF event I’m chairing with excellent YA crime author Ellie Marney, author of the Every series and the first books I steer customers towards when they say, “I’m looking for a book for my teenager who likes mysteries…”

It’s part of the midweek schools program, but if you know a schoolkid who’d be interested (well, presumably a whole class of kids unless you feel okay about skipping class for a writers festival – which I think I do), then check it out here! Even if not, you should still all read Ellie’s books.

(Incidentally I’m also chairing these two events as well, and they’re all in a row so you really should just take the morning off and go to all of them, then head to The Tea Salon afterwards like I will to collapse into a puddle of French Earl Grey in frilly-wallpapered surrounds.)


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