Australian Crime Author Twitter Roundup

Ever-expanding. Comments with ones I’ve missed abso-freakin-lutely welcome.

Bunty Avieson: @avieson

Tony Cavanaugh: @TonyCavanaugh1

Phil Cleary: @PhilCleary_Ind

Jane Clifton: @missjaneclifton

Matthew Condon: @MatthewCondon2

Adrian d’Hage: @AdriandHage

Kathryn Fox: @KathrynFoxBooks

Annie Hauxwell: @Annie_Hauxwell

Katherine Howell: @KHowell_Author

L A Larkin: @lalarkinauthor

Gabrielle Lord: @GabrielleLord

Zane Lovitt: @ZaneLovitt

P D Martin: @pdmartin1

Geoffrey McGeachin: @GeoffMcGeachin

Adrian McKinty: @adrianmckinty

Tara Moss: @Tara_Moss

Andy Muir: @pandymedia

PM Newton: @pmnewton

Malla Nunn: @MallaNunn

Tony Park: @tonyparkblog

James Phelan: @RealJamesPhelan

Leigh Redhead: @LeighRedhead

Michael Robotham: @michaelrobotham

Angela Savage: @angsavage

Kristen Tranter: @ktranter

Lee Tulloch: @missleetulloch

David Whish-Wilson: @DaveWhishWilson

Sue Williams: @suewill999

Chris Womersley: @WomersleyChris

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