tram stop international review: marc-antoine mathieu, 3″

This wordless graphic novel is really something: a crime from the point of view of a light particle that spends three seconds (and 900,000 kilometres) bouncing from one place to the next (over shoulders into an eye into a phone camera into a mirror into the reflective surface of a trophy into you get my point), zooming in with painstaking and incredible detail to create a series of scenes and then revisit them from another angle milliseconds later. It’s an inventive idea and one that will slow you right down as you study each panel, ridiculously impressed that someone actually achieved this visually, and managed to create a pretty interesting three-second-long mystery to boot. Lend it to a friend so you can chat about it afterwards – like me and my partner, you’re bound to miss something, and that discovery will bring out your gruff chain-smoking inner detective, poring over the pictures again and again.