tram stop international review: simone van der vlugt, safe as houses

An escaped prisoner invades the isolated home of a young mother, taking her and her five-year-old daughter hostage.  And the only witness has suffered a head injury in a car accident sustained fleeing the scene.

In the mood to spend a few hours gripped by unspeakable narrative tension, but you’re almost out of Breaking Bad?  Dutch author Simone van der Vlugt has the novel for you!  This is short — 262 pages of very large text — but compelling, using the present tense to draw the reader in and distract them from the clunkier dialogue.  The intimacy of the writing makes the tediously inevitable rape scene all too vivid, but the real strength of the story is in the careful, unreliable bond created between hostages and captor.

Another quality guest post by Liz Barr

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