tv review: brooklyn nine-nine

All right, yes, fine, this is not a book, nor Australian, but this comedy cop show is one of my favourite things at the moment. It’s so good that we downloaded four episodes on iTunes before just buying a physical DVD copy (still cheaper at that point, sadly) only to discover once our internet blessed us with its arrival that it’s on freaking Netflix anyway. So now we have it in one physical and two different digital versions, and I’m not even mad. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Jake Peralta is a detective and an idiot, and his partner is Amy Santiago, a detective and smart, but far too over-eager. A new captain arrives in their precinct, a dude who is more keen on Jake wearing a tie and following rules than the last captain, who would stumble out of his office, see them setting things on fire, then shrug and leave. Anyway, new boss, new rules, hijinks ensue. There are mountains of episodes, and they are all glorious. This slipped under my radar until a friend alerted me to them; don’t let the same fate befall you.